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Growing up in Flint Michigan I have seen a disconnection between people and cultures. What I can do, as an artist, is to act as an interpreter. Through my art I am attempting to liberate people's minds – form a connection. I hope to evoke a complex and moving response, by providing viewers with a window into another culture or point of view. I hope that my art will remind the viewer that we can be aware of our relationship with each individual and the power it brings.
I am looking forward to future rewards and challenges. I believe that we as artists leave an everlasting mark on a society where we make our marks physically, providing future generations with a reminder of who we were, what we thought, and what we hoped to accomplish. - DeShon McBride

Personal Message from DeShon: “Someday you’ll look back and think, Wow, I graduated at the strangest time ever… Until then, I will be cheering you on, looking forward to wherever life takes you next and feeling proud of you. Congratulations!”

DeShon was given his first pack of colored pencils at the tender age of 10, ever since he has barely colored outside the lines at all. His art is inspired by little-known actors, comic books, old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and vintage movies.

Dj. 810 from Flint Michigan. Deshon McBride is co owner and also an amazing artist.
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