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As a B.Y.O.B (bring your own beverage) art studio, our guests are welcome to accompany their experience with drinks or snacks.  All levels are welcomed! We are a creative art studio, a place to let yourself go with our art experiences, classes, workshops, and celebrations for all ages. Our art experiences are led by professional artists to help our guests sharpen any skills in painting and drawing. We also offer open studio sessions on occasion, for those who want to freestyle paint their own designs. All painting materials included!  

group doing Glow and Flow Art


Fluid art that glows!

Fluid art is super popular right now and we are local experts! There are so many ways to create really cool and satisfying GLOWING designs. Let us walk you through the process and help you create some really beautiful abstract pieces of art.

Picasso Experience


Blacklight reactive painting!

Join us for an exciting, creative, and sophisticated paint experience! Step into a unique, immersive space in the heart of Downtown Rogers and explore your creativity! This is not your typical paint and sip class. We incorporate paint, music, lighting, and aromas to set the perfect environment! Our professional instructor, aka. Paint Ninja, will guide you throughout the painting process. You will be able to pick your own colors and style to give your painting its own unique flair. You will be amazed at the results!
You do not need to be an artist. All supplies and materials are included. Just bring your enthusiasm and creativity and we’ll do the rest! 

Intuitive art experience


An Immersive, Sensory Painting Experience

Explore, express, and let go. 

Intuitive Art uses the power of art and its immersive environment to help you reconnect, express, and release your emotions. Using paint, brushes, a canvas, and carefully curated visuals and music, you will be able to let go and truly express yourself without any boundaries.

It is not a class, nor will you receive instruction. It is a pass to freedom and expression.

All our events are BYOB!

Couple doing sculpture without sigh experience


Explore Your Sense of Touch

Touch is the first sense to develop when we are born. Yet most of our life is experienced through sight. During this unique experience, we will take you back to the very beginning. Explore your sense of touch by sculpturing...without sight. You will receive an introduction to basic clay handling. Then you will sculpt...blindfolded! Using only your sense of touch and memory, you will guide yourself through an amazingly immersive, sculpting experience. Surrounding music and aromatherapy will add to the immersive environment.
This session is not about the finished sculpture, but the process of feeling your way through a mental image. No sculpture experience is necessary. Just your willingness to express yourself through touch. In the end, you will gain an unforgettable experience. We will provide you with plenty of photos of you and your sculpture during and after the process. *Sculptures are a tool in the process of exploring your sense of touch and are not intended to be taken home.

Image by Marcela Laskoski



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