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 I found a temporary escape in painting to express my voice as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. In the beginning, painting was an act of self-mediation and expression only, but now I have found joy in colors and the process of teaching others to express their voice on canvas.

Lyshell started to use her art to teach art as therapy in 2012 and continues a donation-based art as therapy class for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in NWA. She started working for a popular paint and sip company and honed her skills teaching classes at her downtown Rogers studio and loves to expand her skills personally. She enjoys working with acrylics but has works in watercolor and oil. Her inspiration comes from colors that make her soul happy and remind her of the Hawaiian island where she was born.

Lyshell and DeShon have been growing their paint and sip business, Paint Your Power, LLC, making each event something to remember and their popularity locally and in Flint has started to skyrocket. Since moving to Northwest Arkansas they have been freelancing and exhibiting in Northwest Arkansas as well as being members of the Rogers Experimental House and ANA collective. They believe that artists leave an everlasting mark on society where they make marks physically, providing future generations with a reminder of who we were, what we thought, and what we hoped to accomplish.

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