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A big shout out to those of you who joined us at the Harry Potter Immersive Art Experience!

We had a glowing gallery set up and some fun decor. Katie won an adorable Funko Pop style stuffed Harry Potter for best costume!

We are excited to be growing so fast and we are learning so much as we create these great experiences. Some good and some not so great like setting off the fire alarm in the middle of our event by the super cool fog machine! Thankfully DeShon, our DJ was tall enough to take it down and remove the batteries!

We are really looking forward to the Nightmare Immersive Art Experience October 15th! We have some great ideas and hopefully we have enough energy to do everything we want to make this a fun and creepy experience.

We appreciate the amazing support from NWA and we promise to keep bringing you new and exciting ways to create and experience art!

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